“Sickboy” – Drama Short Film

Every day that passes in New York City, Jeff finds a way to get through it. Maybe he’s driven to find love. Maybe he’s driven to find a connection. Or maybe he’s just driven to do what he has to do to survive, however erratic or unforgivable it might be.

“You don’t know my name, do you?” It’s a cringe-worthy question no matter the context, but in the age of near-instant hookups, it’s also become a familiar dating trope. In Julian Muller’s Staff Pick Premiere “Sickboy” this question and seemingly comedic set-up turns into something more troubling as it prompts Jeff, the film’s protagonist, to quickly abandon his date altogether. The ease of his exit lets us know he’s done this before.

As Jeff roams aimlessly through NYC, drinking and rambling, it’s clear that Muller and screenwriter Conor Champley have a more humanist character study in mind. With cinematographer John Kopec, their work explores homelessness and mental health with empathetic eyes. 

Shot on film and inspired by the Safdie brothers’ gritty New York portraits, “Sickboy” feels like it’s headed in a downward spiral until Jeff spots his next con sitting on a park bench. Antonio Magro’s performance as Jeff is rooted in loneliness but the charm that lures his victims is so convincing that their chemistry seems undeniable. Jeff walks a fine line between an expert freeloader and someone simply doing his best to survive. In the film’s final moments, a real human connection might finally change his way. 

“Sickboy” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere on Vimeo platform! Read more about it here: 


Starring: Antonio Magro, Sarah Wisser, and Rachel Hale
Director: Julian Muller
Writer: Conor Champley
Cinematographer: John Kopec
Score: Justin Hood
Casting: Richard Jordan
Exec Producers: Matt Constantino, Eric Moe, Erik Forsberg
Co-Exec Producers: Eric Carrara, Vanessa Carrara
Co-Producer: Antonio Magro
Line Producer: Andrew Pearl
AD: Jonathan Dery
1st AC: Leo Decristoforo
2nd AC: Ahmed Nazim
Gaffer: Sean Gradwell
Grip: Chase Shamlian, Henry Mosher
Sound Recordist: Patrick O’Leary
Boom: Pierce Pyrzenski
Production Design: Nikita Swatkowski
Wardrobe: Gabi Cherner
HMU: Danielle Privat
PA: Bradley Credit, Alexandra Dorschner, Evan Elwell
Edit: Julian Muller
Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer: Max Conklin
Audio Post: Pomann Sound NYC
Color Services: Color Nest
Colorist: Daniel Orentlicher
VFX: Sean Ferguson
Poster Art: Jason Look
Additional Music: Mathien, Prisoners, The Majorleans
Trailer Music: Rival Consoles